Welcome to Parking Collection Services Pty Ltd.

 Our Company manages pay-and-display car parking facilities in and around the city of Adelaide which provide a convenient and reasonably priced alternative to park your car. When using a pay-and-display car park each customer is required to observe the Terms and Conditions of Use displayed at the entrance to the car park. This ensures that the car park is managed in an effective and safe manner for all users. A Notice of Claim is issued to a customer if he or she has not observed the Terms and Conditions of Use. Most often this is where the customer has not paid the prescribed parking fee or failed to display a valid parking ticket or pass.

 If you have received a Notice of Claim and wish to make payment then you may use any of the options stated in the notice or our on-line payment system. If you would like more information or wish to dispute a Notice of Claim then please select the relevant item from the menu above.